Mahogany Seed come from the Mahogany Tree that grows through almost all the tropical sections of the world such as the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Asia as well as Florida and also have many many benefits.

Mahogany Seed products can be broken down with a hammer and then ground into a fine powder made up sky fruit seed of lots of amazing flavonoids/antioxidants as well as amazing degrees of protective saponins. Mahogany Plant seeds are jam packed full of plenty of amazing vitamin antioxidant that work to fight against free of charge radicals, hence helping to slack the aging process preventing disease in addition colds and flues. Mahogany Seeds include a wealth of vitamins, fatty acids, aminoacids... and the tress are distantly related to the ginseng plant and neem tree.

Mahogany Seeds natural powder lowers cholesterol and helps to boost your defense mechanisms too!

Mahogany Seeds assist to regulate blood sugar, you can make some tea with the seeds and drink that or take some of the powder snow daily to get lowering blood sugar levels.

Mahogany Plant seeds increases circulation and lower blood pressure quickly and have anti-inflammatory effects... (brew 4 cups of normal water with of sixteen grams in Mahogany seed products, drink only two glasses a daily for decreasing blood pressure - One WAS, One PM) and are just the thing for those wanting better heart and soul health considering that the seeds assist to prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes. It also can help get rid of plaque formation in the vessels in the heart, in addition reduces discomfort and bleeding.

Mahogany Seed are antimicrobial thus making an effort to treat malaria and other disorders. And some analyses have been carried out showing that Mahogany Vegetables may be perfect for treating Hepatitis C. Together with tea have been used for strengthening libido in men and women and for strengthening the body.

And fresh university research shows that Mahogany Seeds just might be able to prevent colon tumor because of it is great potent abilities... and even has wonderful healing results for intestinal, digestive, gastrointestinal ulcers.


Mahogany Seeds whenever taken in the powder form serve to retain bugs from attacking. Should you live in virus infested spaces with lots of nasty flying bugs and sumpffieber is a difficulty, then spending Mahogany Seed powder may help prevent pest bites.